Thursday, 24 May 2012

Some Tips on Recommendation Letter Template

Recommendation letter templates help one to write the document concisely and aptly too. The requirement of a template while writing this formal letter is for the following reasons:
  • It saves time of the issuer as well as the recipient (for reading)
  • It offers just the right amount of information and relevant too
  • One does not miss out any crucial information like the date, purpose, etc.
  • Proper formatting and space are allocated for different paragraphs and sections of the letter
  • The contact details can be updated or rectified in the signature section

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

What is a Character Letter of Recommendation

Character letter of recommendation is not something that is written in dire consequences, as the name might sprout such notions in one's mind. In fact it has got nothing to do with your actual character sketch. It is a formal document that is required in some procedures like in prosecution cases, other court hearing, signing a bond for renting a house, taking admission in some highly reputed institutes for education purpose, etc.
Reference to Context
Character Letter of Recommendation
To answer the question, what is a character letter of recommendation, we need to know the purpose of the letter. Although we described the meaning of the letter, the purpose can decide upon how to write the content. Sample the following examples:
  • Scholarship: If one wishes to get a scholarship for education sake, then the issuer should know about it and highlight the candidate's academic skills and plus points, his or her interest in the subject, career focus, etc. The same applies for admission purposes too.
  • Job: There are many sample character recommendation letters available online for the candidates seeking jobs. Note the skills and experience the writer highlights in order to convince the recipient of the letter of the candidate's abilities.
  • Court Appearance: The requirement for this letter in a court hearing is totally different from the ones mentioned in the above points. One needs to vouch for the person's honesty, dependability, and other such virtues
    Who Can Write the Letter? 
    Ideally, these letters should be written by people who are associated closely with the candidate or applicant. As explained above, only a person who knows the candidate well enough to vouch for certain mentioned qualities hold value. Not that if anyone else writes the letter will not be considered, but usually the tone of the letter should be personal and for that one needs to know the applicant.
For scholarships, your ex teachers, principles, head of the department, visiting faculty, etc., can write the letter for you. Similarly for employment purposes, letters from the ex employers do play an important role. You can request your manager, immediate reporting head, etc., to put in a word for you.

Content of the Character Recommendation Letter
The letter becomes effective when the writer mentions some incidences that show the qualities that he or she is going to mention in the letter. In short, it means that whatever the person writes in the letter should be backed up by substantial supporting information.
 If possible, get the letter printed on the issuer's letter head. In case you think the person is too busy to accommodate an appointment for you, you may even draft the letter yourself and then just request the person to lend his letter head, give an official stamp and sign on it.
 The language of the letter should be formal and the length of the letter can go up to two pages, but try and keep the context to the point without unnecessarily expanding on the same topic. While concluding the letter, ensure that it is reiterated why the person is being recommended or just emphasize on the purpose of writing the letter.

Monday, 12 March 2012

What Should I Include in Letter of Recommendation?

Letter of recommendation is a formal letter recommending the candidate for either a job, internship, admission to a course, or in the court . The purpose of the letter is a guarantee about the trust worthiness and ability of the applicant .

What to Include in the Letter of Recommendation

There are different types of recommendation letters and the purpose of them are different, so depending on the same the contents would vary. There are a certain things a letter of recommendation should have and they are as follows:
  • Reference to the candidate: When one is writing a letter of recommendation for someone the first paragraph should have the relationship you share with the person and how are you in a position to recommend him or her
  • Purpose of the letter: As an issuer of the letter you need to know if the candidate needs the letter for getting a job, for taking admission in some course, etc. The purpose of the letter will give you an idea of what exactly is expected
Letter of Recommendation Sample
The following gives you a recommendation letter sample.

Sample Recommendation Letter

The example letter given in the following is with reference to employment purpose.

Jim Karter
Managing Director
Life Software Pvt. Ltd.

Subject: Letter of recommendation for Miss. Torque Earnest
To Whom it May Concern

I am happy to write this letter for Miss. Torque Earnest who has been working with us for the past 1.5 years as a Sr. Manager and Training Head in Life Software Pvt. Ltd. She is a hard-working, meticulous and a sincere professional with high initiative. She is absolutely reliable and has been an asset for us.

I would recommend her to any employer who appreciates these qualities in an employee. I being the managing authority for the team she worked in found her efficient and dependable.

In case you need to have a talk with me regarding Miss. Torque Earnest, I shall be available on the following contact details.



Jim Karter
Managing Director

With the help of this recommendation letter sample you may frame your letter too. This is a typical format for writing a letter of recommendation for employment purpose. Similarly, in case of a character recommendation letter, the body will have something like the following paragraph:

I know Miss. Torque Earnest since 1.5 years and have found her dependable, trustworthy and capable of handling pressure in difficult circumstances, at all times.

This was another example of what one should write in the letter of recommendation. Mention your relationship with the candidate and the purpose for which you are writing in an indirect way. In the sense, you do not write that you are writing the letter for helping him or her get a job. You just mention the appropriate things in the letter, as shown in the two sample letters.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Appearance of Recommendation Letter Sample

When you are writing a letter of recommendation for someone, a lot will depend on how you present the information and the appearance of your letter. Recommendation letter is written to refer the person for the job in any organization. This recommendation is to be done to confirm the efficiency and performance of the candidate. Appearance of your recommendation letter is also an important deciding factor when it comes to short listing the candidates. 

Here we will see how you can improve the appearance of the recommendation letter when you are writing it for someone.

Recommendation Letter
Most employers will demand a recommendation letter from your previous employer during the personal meeting. Such letters are demanded to know if you are really capable of handling the complex job responsibilities and your past employer supports your words by giving the positive recommendation for you. Following is the format for writing the recommendation letter.
Name of the Company
Contact Number
E-Mail ID                                                         
Date: mm/ dd /yyyy
Name of the Reader
Job Title
Company Name
Dear Mr./ Mrs. [Last Name],
First Paragraph
[First paragraph should explain to the reader the reason for which the letter is written. Mention the name of the applicant and tell the reader how you know him/her and since when]
Second Paragraph
[This paragraph is the main letter body. In this part you have to explain to the employer about the candidate’s past accomplishments and why he is suitable for the job in their organization. Focus on his/ her job specific skills and major accomplishments]
Third Paragraph
[Thank the reader for giving their precious time and attention for going through the letter. Say that you strongly recommend […..Name of the Candidate….] for working in their organization]
[Use the professional closing like Yours sincerely, Regards, Yours truly, etc.]
This is the basic format for writing a recommendation letter. You can fill in the appropriate details in place of the square brackets as instructed.

Length of your letter will also play a vital role in improving the appearance of your letter. Always keep in mind that this letter should be short and to the point. When you are recommending someone in any company, the main objective of your letter should be to get a job opportunity to the candidate. Hence, it is important to make a recommendation in such a way that it impresses the reader and offers an opportunity to the candidate. Make sure that you know the person well for at least past 6 months before making a recommendation. If you don’t know the person, take your time, sit with the candidate, communicate with him and then make a recommendation depending on your conversation. 

Thursday, 29 December 2011

How effective is the recommendation letter writing in a competitive job market?

Most employers will demand a letter of recommendation these days when you apply for any job in any organization. These letters will provide the information about your character, your behaviour and your working capabilities. If you are saying something positive about you, very few people will believe you. But if someone who has been working with you since long time or monitoring your work recommends you and confirms your efficiency, employers will surely believe you. These recommendation letters are playing a vital role in making you get selected for the job.

Significance of Recommendation Letters
Recommendation Letter

Not everyone can provide the recommendation. For business recommendation, anyone who has been working with you for more than 6 months i.e., your colleague or your immediate senior can provide recommendation about your efficiency, performance and capabilities. A personal recommendation can be provided by a respected person in the society who knows the applicant very well and who can confirm the decent behaviour of the applicant.
Resume is the basic requirement for any job. After fulfilling these requirements, employer will generally ask you a recommendation letter from your previous company during the personal interview. This letter is required to know about your conduct during your previous employments and how efficient you are at your work.

When you are applying for a job in the job market, keep in mind that you are not alone standing in a queue. There are many others like you, even better than you waiting for the job opportunities. To withstand in this sturdy competition, you must make your application effective enough to grab the opportunity. Sending a copy of recommendation letter along with your application will surely add importance to your resume.

Who can recommend you?

Suppose you are a recent graduate and are now applying for the job in any company, you can get a letter of recommendation from your class teacher or principle. No one can provide a best recommendation if they don’t know you. Hence, you must make efforts to develop a relationship with the teachers to get a recommendation letter that is helpful in getting you dream job.

If you are working in any organization, you can get this letter from your immediate senior who supervises your work. Your colleague can also provide such business recommendation for you.

Here is the sample of recommendation letter to give you complete idea on writing such letters. This letter is written by the principle of college to recommend his/ her student in the company for an internship program.

Sample Recommendation Letter

Joseph L. Stephens
Violet Education Institute
Golden, CO 80401
Date: 4th March 2010
David C. Morales
Turbo Boost Solutions Ltd.
Anchorage, AK 99501
The purpose of this letter is to recommend my student Philip Stone for internship program in your organization. I feel proud to recommend him in your organization as I am observing his performance since past 3 years.
Philip Stone is a bright student of our college holding an excellent academic record. He is highly intelligent, perceptive and creative thinker. During his college tenure, he developed the skills like creative thinking, quick learning, effective listening, interpersonal communication, etc. He also participated actively in different competitions and won many of them. Because of his positive attitude and excellent humour, he has overcome many complex situations and emerged as a best student for the year.
I strongly recommend Philip in your company for the internship program. I assure you that he can match up with the work culture quickly and learn the things fluently. You can feel free to contact me for any query regarding Philip’s efficiency.
I thank you for giving me an opportunity to recommend Philip in your organization.
Joseph Stephens
Violet Education Institute
Refer this recommendation letter to get detailed idea on writing such letters. An effective letter of recommendation will help you get the desired opportunity.